by Dr Alireza Asgharzadeh
1. The Belief in the Superiority of ‘Aryan’ Race
2. The Belief that Iran Is the Land of Aryans
3. The Belief in the Purification of Aryan Race of Iran through Language
4. The Practice of Anachronism in Interpreting Works of History, Religion, and Literature
5. The Belief in Essentialism and an Essentialist notion of Iranian-ness
6. The Belief in the Systematic Practice of Racism

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Blogger Yasmin said...
Dear founder of this blog, I just want to say that your site is great!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for very informative site about south Azerbaijan. Please add the recent Amnesty International reports issued on September 2006. Also many reports about south Azerbaijani activists in prisons. plerase add them up. THANKS

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