Javad Abbasi, a Salmasian teacher and political activist, has been sentenced to jail on Thursday 21, 2005. The court announced that Javad Abbasi had been found guilty of
  • publishing the announcements of the South Azerbaijan national movement,
  • attending in the Babak Castle Congress,
  • taking part in the Pan-Turkic meetings,
  • formation of Pan-Turkic meetings,
  • providing financial support for the South Azerbaijan national movement,
  • having the sculptors of the Bozgurd (i.e.: gray wolf, the symbol of Turk people) and posters of the Azerbaijani heroes,
  • being the local leadership of the Pan-Turkic movements,
  • being the local leadership of GAMOH and advertising the believes of Dr. Chehragani,
  • reproducing and distributing the CDs of the national movement,
  • attempting to overthrow the regime,
  • disturbing the national security,
  • having connection by the foreign organizations
The main reason behind the trail is that Javad Abbasi has been defending from his national identity.