This plan was very simple. In Tabriz, mentioning that Tehran can not do any progress, most of my friends said “It should be started from Azerbaijan. First, here should be reformed. We have to create national government here by the help of Azerbaijanis. Tehran is the head of reactionaries and the center of dictatorship. Tehran has been against all non-central movements. In first step, we should forget there and start our movement here directly.”
The truth of this thought was proved when I talked with the officials about the telegraphs of complain sent by Azerbaijanis. For example, Bayat said “I gave a speech by radio and people should not put themselves in difficulty by sending complains and telegraphs.”
Sadr said “If thousands of complains are sent, I will not answer them.”
These words could not have other answers. We should talk with people directly. The freedom should be obtained with the power of the people. With this slogan and the suggestion of the liberals of Azerbaijan, I moved from Tehran to Azerbaijan.
Here, after we seriously investigated the domestic and international situation again, we understood the necessity of establishment of an independent and great party.
This party should work under the name of democracy which has been the target of all human and familiar to all people. Therefore, we accepted this name and to gather people around that, we published an extensive manifesto on Monday.
This manifesto was based on the rights and authorities that Azerbaijanis have fought to achieve them as their requirement for a long time. We cannot forget the history of the fight of Azerbaijanis for liberalism. The reactionary elements of Tehran have deeply offended Azerbaijan. We cannot expect anything -positive- from the dictator regime of Tehran. Tehran has always tried to keep Azerbaijan in pressure. The traitor leaders of Tehran have not waived to annihilate our leaders and to break our national pride.
to be continuoud…
2nd Part.
1st Part.
Saturday, November 19, 2005
Pictures of Satarkhan Ceremony
Monday, November 07, 2005
The conference of AEI
You can watch the conference of AEI here (Click on Video).
The great speech of Rahim Shahbazi in AEI conference also can be watched here.
As expected, the conference has made Chauvinists and Pan-Iranists angry!
For example, read this and comments there (in Persian).  The title is “Federalism, a new excuse of Michael Ledeen and AEI to meddle in Iran”
I suggested the author (they deleted my comment!) to write new papers with the following titles:
“Human rights, a new excuse of Michael Ledeen and AEI to meddle in Iran”
“Democracy, a new excuse of Michael Ledeen and AEI to meddle in Iran”
“Women rights, a new excuse of Michael Ledeen and AEI to meddle in Iran”